Coffee & the Tyranny of Dragons

On the trail of the raiders
Day #:

Upcoming adventure

Mill saved, Final battle
Day 4: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The party is returning to the Keep with their prisoners from the Mill when they're attacked by another group of raiders. The party defeats them easily, thanks to Alaomena casting Bless. Upon handing the prisoners over to the Governor, the  party learns that the raiders are looking for something in town but are happy to loot while they look. The raiders belong to some dragon cult, but the prisoners don't know more than that.

During this time, while the party is up on the parapet, the blue dragon Lennithon swoops down overhead, and the party spots a quick peek at Frulam Mondath, in her purple robes below in town.

As the night raid winds down, the party hears a shouted challenge from outside the Keep. Outside the main gate, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, a large half-blue dragon, is holding the family of one of the Keep guards hostage. In exchange for a one-on-one fight, Langdedrosa will release the hostages. The party manages to convince him to release the children when Talon agrees to fight him. In an epic, close fight, Talon manages to take down Langdedrosa, who is not killed but carried off by his men.

The sergeant, whose family was held hostage, offers to let the party long rest at his home, while the Governor gives the party a healing kit and 2 healing potions in thanks.

After the long rest, the party meets an injured monk, Nesim Waladra, who asks the group to find his missing master, Leosin Erlanthar. Leosin is said to have been researching the dragon cult that attacked the town. The Governor has also asked that the party find the raider's camp.

Save the Mill
Day 3: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

After successfully repairing and defending the sally port, the party moves inside the Keep again, only to be attacked by a group of disguised raiders trying to escape through the sally port. The party defeats half the raiders, while the remaining raiders flee and manage to escape through a concealed tunnel off a nearby basement. Alaomena helps repair the gate in the tunnel, and Escobert posts guards at the tunnel's entrance.

The party returns to the main area in the keep and purchase 3 healing potions from the merchants seeking shelter there. Then Governor Nighthill asks the party to go save the Mill, which raiders are attempting to set on fire.

The party sneaks up on the raiders at the Mill and determine that they are not really trying to set the mill on fire but are using the ruse to set a trap.  Agni? casts sleep and manages to put four of the six under, while the other two kobolds flee inside the mill. The party manages to sneak into the mill and surprise the raiders inside. They defeated all inside, and they tied up the sleeping raiders to take back to the Governor in the Keep.

Get the Townsfolk to Safety
Day 2: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The party continues on their quest to get the townsfolk with them safely to the Keep. The party encounters one more group of raiders on the way to the Keep. Once there, they fight the group of raiders trying to barricade the door to the Keep. The party defeats them, as the townsfolk run into the Keep.

Inside the Keep, the party is met with stares, fear, and hesitation until word spreads of their heroics in getting the other townsfolk to the Keep. Linan is chief in spreading word that despite appearances the members of the party are friends and here to help. The party eventually meets Governor Tarbaw Nighthill, leader of Greenest. A human male of sixty years, he's taken charge of defending the Keep along with Castellan Escobert the Red, a shield dwarf, who is charged with directly leading the Keep's defense. Governor Nighthill, though injured, keeps watch of both village and Keep on the parapet.

Escorbert asks the party to help repair and defend the sally port from a group of raiders attempting to gain access to the sally port. Alaomena stays behind to help repair the sally port, while the rest of the group fights and defeats the raiding party outside the gate.

Four Adventurers enter Greennest
Day 1: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Four paths converged outside a village. There strangers met, talked, and began a journey together. They were Agni, the half-elf; Alaomena, a tiefling; Talon, a half-orc; and Zook, a gnome who would be lost amongst such large creatures if not for his big voice and large personality. Overall, a strange party.

Towards the end of this first meeting, the party notices smoke rising from the direction of Greenest, so they hurry to investigate. Upon entering the village, they are set upon by raiders. After defeating this first group of raiders, the party encounters a family being pursued by more raiders. Once this family was saved, the party learns from Linan Swift, and her husband Cuth, that the town is under attack from a large party of raiders, who are sacking the town, looting as they go.

The party escorts Linan and her family, along with other townsfolk towards the Keep at the center of the town. The group went around one group of raiders, but they had to fight their way through another.


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