Coffee & the Tyranny of Dragons

Get the Townsfolk to Safety

Day 2: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

The party continues on their quest to get the townsfolk with them safely to the Keep. The party encounters one more group of raiders on the way to the Keep. Once there, they fight the group of raiders trying to barricade the door to the Keep. The party defeats them, as the townsfolk run into the Keep.

Inside the Keep, the party is met with stares, fear, and hesitation until word spreads of their heroics in getting the other townsfolk to the Keep. Linan is chief in spreading word that despite appearances the members of the party are friends and here to help. The party eventually meets Governor Tarbaw Nighthill, leader of Greenest. A human male of sixty years, he's taken charge of defending the Keep along with Castellan Escobert the Red, a shield dwarf, who is charged with directly leading the Keep's defense. Governor Nighthill, though injured, keeps watch of both village and Keep on the parapet.

Escorbert asks the party to help repair and defend the sally port from a group of raiders attempting to gain access to the sally port. Alaomena stays behind to help repair the sally port, while the rest of the group fights and defeats the raiding party outside the gate.


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