Coffee & the Tyranny of Dragons

Save the Mill

Day 3: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

After successfully repairing and defending the sally port, the party moves inside the Keep again, only to be attacked by a group of disguised raiders trying to escape through the sally port. The party defeats half the raiders, while the remaining raiders flee and manage to escape through a concealed tunnel off a nearby basement. Alaomena helps repair the gate in the tunnel, and Escobert posts guards at the tunnel's entrance.

The party returns to the main area in the keep and purchase 3 healing potions from the merchants seeking shelter there. Then Governor Nighthill asks the party to go save the Mill, which raiders are attempting to set on fire.

The party sneaks up on the raiders at the Mill and determine that they are not really trying to set the mill on fire but are using the ruse to set a trap.  Agni? casts sleep and manages to put four of the six under, while the other two kobolds flee inside the mill. The party manages to sneak into the mill and surprise the raiders inside. They defeated all inside, and they tied up the sleeping raiders to take back to the Governor in the Keep.


Geeky_Brewster_DM Geeky_Brewster_DM

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