Coffee & the Tyranny of Dragons

Four Adventurers enter Greennest

Day 1: Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Four paths converged outside a village. There strangers met, talked, and began a journey together. They were Agni, the half-elf; Alaomena, a tiefling; Talon, a half-orc; and Zook, a gnome who would be lost amongst such large creatures if not for his big voice and large personality. Overall, a strange party.

Towards the end of this first meeting, the party notices smoke rising from the direction of Greenest, so they hurry to investigate. Upon entering the village, they are set upon by raiders. After defeating this first group of raiders, the party encounters a family being pursued by more raiders. Once this family was saved, the party learns from Linan Swift, and her husband Cuth, that the town is under attack from a large party of raiders, who are sacking the town, looting as they go.

The party escorts Linan and her family, along with other townsfolk towards the Keep at the center of the town. The group went around one group of raiders, but they had to fight their way through another.


Geeky_Brewster_DM Geeky_Brewster_DM

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